Friday, August 15, 2008 @
on 1st day at 9.00 i go down to w8 4 bel but w8 till 9.04 i do not c her so i go school.
at 10.00,
we go 5-love to w8 till 11.46 then i go to 5-peace to take my exam.
then when i go out i saw joyce waiting 4 her sister
so she tell me a lady ask her where is the bus-stop
but she dunno then another lady ask her y her son nvr come out then she say dunno.
so boring when at 5-love cos w8 so long until going to fall a sleep!!!!
on 2nd day
at 7.00 i go down to w8 4 bel again
then i w8 till 7.04 she come then we go to school together.
then we saw yi min n joyce chatting outside the hall so we go join them.
then we go in. at 8.00 we go 6-di classroom to w8 at 9.05
i go to my class to take my exam.then at 9.14 i go to MRL to w8 while
we read books so boring cos all ppl seat far from each other.
then we go home.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 @
when ms teo is teaching.
me and emerald is writing letter.
when she finish teaching,
she wan to gib out things so she stand up and when she come to me and emerald table,
she saw the paper that we r writing just now on the floor then she pick up.
n scold us. is emerald who write to me,
but i been scolded too!!!!!
sooooooo not fair!!!!!!!!!!
then teacher called us to the hall to c mr tan caning!
mr tan n mrs chew talk to us.the caning is soo loud!!!!!
all of us was not talking cos we tink if we talk mr tan will scold us and even will punish us.
so scared. :(:(:(:(

Monday, August 11, 2008 @

this is my gui gui.
it is cute and small.
u like it?
pearlynn oso have one of this!
her is like mine too!!!!!!!!
my fwen n i like gui gui very much.
if u go to ching ying blog u will see gui gui there too!!!!!!
ching ying oso take photo on her phone then put in blog one.
it look clean or dirty?
pls write ur ans in the cbox.

Saturday, August 9, 2008 @
pls tag when leave .
if not i will SMACK u!!!!!!!!
no la.
just kidding!!!!!!
ty 4 tagging!

my close fwen are:
pearlynn n cherlyn
they r my very best fwen n very close fwen sia!!!
but onli bel n rebecca has com at home :(
joyce,pearlynn n cherlyn do not have com at home :(
ching ying do not be sad, u r my best fwen too!!!
ching ying u r nag !!!!!!!!!!!!
just kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!
do not be mad at me!!!!
ok??? :)

On 6th aug,
at school at 12.30,
some boys in my class shouted :''ms teo, eat the sweet!''
but my teacher say y mast i eat.
then they say if u eat we will do anything u say.
but my teacher do not belive them.
then some say yes some say no some say half yes half no.
so my teacher say on 7th then eat. but on 7th ,
they was too noisy so my teacher say we will eat on 12th.
u noe y they called my teacher to eat the sweet?
cos the sweet is very spicy!!!

hi, ching ying i noe u will come back n see my blog. i will not noe when u come back but i noe u will come back.

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