Monday, April 27, 2009 @
On sat,at 3.30, me n belinda meet at LRT to go to bpp then we tak de train go plaza reach there wait for afiqah... then we go bpp go mac, wait 4 ms teo then afiqah say so bored then called some bois to come but onli irfan came then we wait for 1h+ then sms ms teo saying when u reach sms me then we go walk around eat sweets go playground sit sit then we go mac again go cab place to wait for ms teo then ms teo send me wait her outside swense she had reach then we go up to swense then saw her we go in then order some ice-cream then chat chat eat eat eat..... then go slack we slack at the petir playground there then go home... bye, that all.

Friday, April 24, 2009 @
today,nth to write about so bored
tmr dun noe gt go for gathering a not ms teo nvr reply my msg i hope we cn go this week!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009 @
on wed ,so many ppl nvr go 4 swimming 27 ppl go 10 ppl nvr swim omg. then go there i nvr swim cos dun wan swim then do hws then finish listen to muisc then they go bath then we go bck skool i go to natelie fwen hus to tak things go wait for yanting then we go home.

Saturday, April 18, 2009 @
today we at first wan to go bpp w ms teo but at min she say she nid to go bck to her skool at the afternoon then i call rebecca n bel out to play ds togather but rebecca dun wan go then we nvr go then nat ask me wan to go plaza then i say 1 pm then go then she ask her mother then her mother say wait untill she finish doin her hw then she say her mother say cannot go then say at home.:( so bored

Thursday, April 16, 2009 @
tmr no school hw do finish liao then play nth so bored. today the drama teacher(mr ckay lim) nvr come cos he broke his back n leg so poor thing then another teacher teach us so fun then drama so fun we play play play we act act act then i act the student go board write thing then teacher nvr see then say restart then i write so many time then she say next scene. so funny the teacher after drama 1a1 people come bck to their class then they not happy cos dunnoe who go tear their thing is their fault cos cannot put books under table aiyo dun care la nt my prob. bye

Monday, April 13, 2009 @
today mrs ho nvr come then we gt free time again then we r like mad all siting down there chating then suddenly princalpal walk pass then aik sin go n say hi to her then suddenly she come in omg. then all of us stand n greet her then she say go bck to our own sit then she start naggin blahblahblah so nag sia then nth fun to say. bye.

Saturday, April 11, 2009 @
on friday is GOOD FRIDAY!!! my fav day sia so happy then at first wan to go out with rebecca then she say who also goin then i say i go ask belinda then belinda nvr reply me so i reply rebecca n say belinda nvr reply me so let go on the other day then so bored at home them my mum say wan to go visit my grandma after that we go farmart centre then we go qian hu fish farm then home sweet home. bye.

on wed we go swimming then so tried blah blah then go home the time we go to the bus there
then go bck skool on the bus jun wei was taking the photo of vanessa n jin wen so funny sia
then reach skool then me n yanting go to take the LRT then go home liao.

Thursday, April 2, 2009 @
on thu, when D & T so fun sia we go the D&T workshop then we do some fun things there mr lim teach us how to make plastic into some nice things we cn also try out but not much time to try out i have take a photo of the thing i did.

on wed
is april fool day
then we go lie to ms he that we nvr bring our ws
then she belive it
then the eng rep
go shout april fool!
onli he say onli
at first
we wan all of us to say
but suddenly he go shout out
nvm la
at least we go make her

we go swim
i nvr swim
cos i flu
then my n durge sit on top
then we try to take photo of the sky
n the rain
but failed.
then we go to our bags there
then called jolene come
then she say dun wan
she scared the coach will
scold her sia
then we go bck to the place we sit at first
then gt thunder
then all of them come up
then go eat eat eat
then they go bath n change
then we go home liao.
lol, i write so many then ,then,then.

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