Thursday, July 30, 2009 @
haiz,veri sian nth to post n lazy to post ,so hor i dun post lor.i gt post a bit.ok nth to write le.bye.

Monday, July 27, 2009 @
HAPPY BDAE, MS HE N JUNYIK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today first period,hm econ,thn go do project on com.thn teacher say must work on the com,thn i do myself cos rfan dunno go where la.thn finish balhblahblah,thn PE,sian lor,RUN!!!i hate it!simin,me,jiayi n nat run together,thn we last la, i know cos we walk for the entire 2.4.hehe.thn go change,thn recess.blahblah.thn sit at the stair there,thn kumar say ms he come le.thn we go in.thn go in.thn was temperture taking,thn lit,tak down notes.thn in groups,thn my group gt 7 angles,thn gt chocolate,yay.yummy.thn go hm.

Sunday, July 26, 2009 @
yesterday, went to nat jie hus again!hehe.thn 12.10 meet jiayi at lrt,thn we go lot 1,wait for yahui,thn sms her she say at bus.thn me n jiayi decide to go in to walk,thn suddenly yahui called me thn say she reaching le so we go bus stop wait her,thn nt long she came,thn go tak 300 to nat hus there,thn go playground wait awhile(i think nt even awhile la)thn we go up nat hus,scold her for saying to wait at playground but still at hm eating,thn simin say she tell yahui to wait downstair for jifa buy we came up.thn so we hurry go down,thn saw jifa siting there.thn go playplayplay,jun wei came,thn a while ltr,ryan chan came play plya, thn me n nat decide to play DS,thn she went up to gt her DS,thn went down to play,simin saw us playing thn she say she also wan to play but her DS is at hm,so we go to her hus to gt her DS,we came bck to playground to play,thn awhile ltr,we play true or dare.thn we go 7-11 to buy drink.we came bck to play chat on DS.thn we decide to play poker,thn me,simin n nat go up to gt poker card.thn we at first wait outside nat hus,thn simin say wan tak photo but thn she say she wan change her we go in to her hus.thn at the window outside the toilet,me n simi n nat shout jiayi but thn she nvr heard,so shout n shout n shout.thn jifa heard us thn looked up saw us,thn we wave.thn yahui saw him looking up ,she also look up.thn wave again.thn we go down,tell jiayi,we shout so many times n so loud,she also cannt hear.thn go play poker.thn blahblahblah.the boys go hm we go up nat hus to put things,thn we go hm.that all.

Saturday, July 25, 2009 @
ltr goin to nat hus , thn when u r waiting 4 the time to pass , the time pass very slowly . thn so i play com to waste some time lor.thn msn cannt sign in sia . dunno y . ltr meeting jiayi at lrt , thn meet yahui at lot1 . thn we go sunshine place tak away foods . haiz , gt nth to post le , bye .

Friday, July 24, 2009 @
after skool today,wa,sian.we go coffee shop buy things thn go tak lrt,thn the train stuck at kait hong,so i wait at the bukit panjang lrt there,so damn duper long,thn suddenly,someone tap me,so hard!thn i turn around ,saw the stupid danny.thn wait wait wait,after so damn long,danny decide to go tak bus,thn i continous to wait.thn finally working liao,thn to senja 1,9 min so i wait,thn to cck that side,the train go liao,but thn senja this side the train have nt come.sian lor,n plus the bag so damn heavy.thn finally again,the train came,thn so damn many pplz sia.thn nvm,board-ed.thn home sweet home liao.bye.

Monday, July 20, 2009 @
today first period home econ thn gt cooking,thn PE,teacher nvr come.we do dunno wat stupid ws thn watch some video.thn recess,blahblahblah.thn EL,do summary.thn lit,teacher nvr come also.thn nid to write letter.diao.thn ma,today ms lee teach.yay.thn do notes,thn go coffee shop buy things thn go plaza,buy things,thn went w lrt w nat to top up her card thn nat say wan come my hus thn okok.thn go buy kfc(nt me is nat).thn went to my hus to eat.thn i nid to go to cut my hair le so nat also go for her shooting.thn nw come bck posting lo.when goin to cut my hair that time while nat go tak lrt,we saw Izaan,Zulhilmi n Erfan at my hus downstair.thn nat go talk w them.thn i pull her away.

Sunday, July 19, 2009 @
i wan to cut my finge ley.haiz.i join plurk yesterday liao.yay!karma hurry grow up!!!!!go up n up.hehes.grow so damn duper slow 1 lor.y so slow will go down one online today.bored...... nth to do wat game cn play?dunno?nvm.i go search something to do,bye.

Friday, July 17, 2009 @
today first period,maths,thn ms pang nvr lee teach us.she very nice.her lesson very gd too.thn we go theought notes.thn was chi,do compo,sian,write untill hand pain sia.thn sci,do the adaptation thingy,thn i nvr do cos i finish le,thn they copy.thn recess.blahblahblah.thn geog,forgt bring file.thn stand at the bck for a while.thn go some video,thn was temperture taking.blahblah,thn changed place,nt far away from my old place.cos just changed w erfan.thn yan ting changed to sit at behind efan,Bby go very far le, cannt talk to her le.haiz.thn tak bck some forms.thn go bck hm le.

Thursday, July 16, 2009 @
just nw jolene called me go to sch w her liao,for the cheering thingy.thn wait for yan ting n jolene at the lrt there,waited damn long.thn go canteen meet the rest.practice a while thn nid to go to hall le.thn in mid,we forgt lyrices,OMG.thn they laugh,thn end le.i think we will nt win 1 la.cos mrs ho told us late.we hav no time to pracice.n the malays all last min dun wan come so must call us go.after that watch some classes cheer,nice ley.thn went canteen slack awhile.thn go hm.on com so nw posting.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 @
today i gt 1 thing to say,today.mrs ho confiscated chew yee hp ms tay saw it in her pencil case thn she check her sms.thn ask her when she sms 1,thn she say recess time thn they check the time thn ms tay go gib to mrs ho see,thn mrs ho call chew yee come thn talk talk talk,thn tell her to tak out her card thn phone gib her.card chew yee keep.thn still nid to follow her go dunno where.haiz.sian i dun wan to say le no cca lor,pei qi say gt,waste our time sia.nvm heck care.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 @
today is the 114th post le.haiz,i gt nth to post sia.ok i stop here nw.bye.

Sunday, July 12, 2009 @

ni hao, ok on friday, we all said that we wan go nat hus play.thn at nite,i called nat to tell her i cn go thn she say wan call jun wei n jun yik go too thn jun yik nvr go but jun wei gt go la.thn on sat 11.50+ i go tak lrt to bp lrt to meet jia yi,thn went to lot 1 to meet ya hui thn we bus-ed to nat hus there thn walk to her block,thn be4 that ya hui called simin to ask her wat block n lvl.thn we go her block went to 10 lvl,thn we dun no which 1 so we walk around that ya hui go called simin ask her which 1 thn she come out thn we go there thn nat go open the door for us thn go her rm.ryan n jun wei had came liao.thn we watch tv n drink.thn awhile ltr,we went down to playground there, fun sia.thn went up to bring things down to play.thn play play play.4.00+ we went up to her hus again.thn they play poker(i think so)thn chat chat chat,tak photo.thn nat ah ma came in n say she goin to cook noodles for us,thn we will like omg.thn we all hurry call our mum.thn jun wei can nt stay,so ryan also go bck le.thn we girls chat chat awhile thn went to eat lor.thn we go down stair chat awhile thn go home.we bus-ed to lot 1,be4 that.nat go w us too cos she go her mum's shop.thn yahui go tak bus thn nat go tak mrt thn me n jia yi go tak lrt.thn chat on the lrt.thn reach bp lrt le.thn byebye to jia yi thn i go home fun sia,i wan go again,hehe.haiz.

Friday, July 10, 2009 @
today maths 2 period,go throught notes,thn gib hw.thn chi 2 period,read newspaper,do wb.thn sci,do the ws w group.thn recess,eat eat eat thn danny come hit yahui thn hithithit.thn finish eating thn go staircase there,all the boys there thn ask them,thn remember cannt go bck classrm untill bell ring,sian lor.thn go bck hit danny.thn bell rang go bck class blah blah chang come,thn go parade square there,draw draw draw .thn lighting de warning start rainging thn we go bck class,thn ms chang set up her laptop thn no batt,thn go charge,thn bell rang thn temperature taking time,thn after that.went to canteen there cos nat wan see her love 1.hehe.thn nvr saw,thn jia yi came,thn we go buy thing at the coffe shop thn go plaza buy bubble tea waited so long sia,we slack almost 1 hour sia.thn lrt-ed bck home.luckily mum nvr ask y so late come bck home.heng ar.haha.that's all.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 @
today First period,Mu,watch some videos,thn Mt,blah blah blah.thn Ma,go thought corretions.thn recess,nat veri de disgustine(i think i dun noe hw spell haha.)she go drink yahui green tea thn vomit out on the floor sia,eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!thn Georead tb thn blah blah blah thn was El,we do group work.thn sci,mrs ho bo lai but we go finish our FILA table.thn after skool went to buy sweet.thn go badminton there,slack slack awhile thn 2.00pm liao!!!!OMG but thn when we go bck class teacher hav nt come,haiz.thn chat chat awhile.teacher came,thn blah blah blah,after that go to LRT w jolene n sangeetha.thn jol tak the other side lrt thn me n sangeetha tak the senja 1.thn go home liao.

Monday, July 6, 2009 @
1) If you were to buy a ice-cream cone , what flavour would it be ?-chocolate mint
2) What is your height right now ?-I not sure
3) What is your weight right now ?-30-35kg,I think
4) What is your favourite drink ?-Aloe vera grape!
5) When did you last cried ?-Forget
6) Who is your favourite singer ? List 2 of them .- Farenhait and Rainie yang
7) Do you like attending skool ?-Depend
8) What were you thinking when you wakeup early in the morning ?-The time
9) Do you prefer watching movies or taking neoprints with your friends/gans ?-Both
10) Look behind you right now .My bed & stuff.
* List your friends by alphabetical order . *
A) Afiqah
B) Belinda
C) Chingying
D) Dionne
E) Emily
F) Faiqah
G) -
H) Huiyu
I) -
J) Jia min
K) -
L) -
N) Natalie
O) -
P) Peiqi
Q) Qingwen
R) Rebecca
S) Simin
T) -
U) -
V) -
W) Wanling
X) XinYue
Y) -Yahui
Z) -
1) How are you related to S ?(Simin)-Bby!!!:D
2) Who is Z to you ?-None
3) Is R & V lovers ?-(Rebecca & none)V hav noone
4) What is the name of X ?(XinYue)-Xin Yue .
5) Does P have a boyfriend/girlfriend ?(Peiqi)-No
6) Who is Q related to you ?(Qignwen)-Long time friend
7) How do you met B ? (Belinda)-P3 friend
8) What school is O educating at ?-None
9) Who is W ?(Wanling)-Wanling
10) Where do Y live ?- Teck Whye
11) Is M & N lovers ?(none & Natalie)M hav noone
12) Who is K to you ?None
13) Who is F ?(Faiqah)-Faiqah
14) Is G & I quarrelling ?-None
15) Name out H .(Huiyu)-Huiyu
16) Who is E's best friend ?-None
17) Who is the D to you ?-Mei!!!:D
18) How do you get to know J ?(Jiamin)-P6 same class

yesterday cousin came my hus again.thn we play play play.thn 9.30pm they go home thn i go eat jelly!yummy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009 @
yesterday went plaza w my family,thn walk walk walk my father go buy CDs thn we went to ten mile things thn go

Friday, July 3, 2009 @
1)Who was the last Person you texted? Natalie
2)Who was the first person that texted Today? No one.
3)Who was the last person you met? Chew yee.
4)Would you consider yourself spoiled? I Don't know.
5)What time did you when to bed last night? 10+
6)Have you ever have a best friend who is opposite sex? I don't know.
7)Do you want someone dead? Crazy la.
8)What are you thinking right now? Why natalie never online cause she say she will online one.
9)Who are you talking to right now? Rebecca,Msn.
10)Who are the last person you took picture with? Simin.
11)Do you wish someone be with you right now? No.
12)What does the last message say? Want meet at lrt everyday? from nat.
13)Is someone in your mind? Ya, Nat,Why she never online?
14)who is complaining to you right now? No one.
15)10 people tagg to do this quiz.
16)When was the last time you chatted with 3? (Chingying)Around june hoilday.
17)What if 5 and 10 quarrel? (Jaslyn & Yahui)They Don't know each other.
18)Who is 1 having relationship with? (Belinda)I don't know the name.
19)Is 9 fierce? (Wanling)No.
20)Is 3 and 4 study in the same school? (Chingying & Dionne)No of course,Chingying P6,Dionne Sec 1.
21)Who is 2 to you? (Chewyee)Close friend(I think).
22)How did you know 10? (Yahui)Same class.
23)When did you last talk to 6 and 8? (Natalie & Simin)Natalie is in school,Simin is on the way to LRT.
24)Are you close with 7? (Qingwen)So-so
25)How long have you know 1? (Belinda)Since primary 3.
26)What if 5 and 7 fight? (Jaslyn & Qing wen)I not very sure if they know each other.
27)How long have you know 9?(Wanling)Primary 3.
28)Say something about 2. (Chewyee)She is always super hyper one.
29)Is 4 trustworthy? (Dionne)YES!!!!
30)Who is 1 to you? (Belinda)To me she is my bestie la but to her i don't know.
31)Do you argue with 7 everytime? (Qingwen)No,long time never see her le.
32)How well do you know 5? (Jaslyn)Half Half.
33)Do you know things about 1? (Belinda)Yes,alot lor.
34)Is 2 and 9 schoolmates? (Chewyee & Wanling)Yes,but not same class.
35)What if 4 and 10 fight? (Dionne & Yahui)They don't even know each other how to fight la.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 @
this few day keep changing time-table sia.write this 1 thn nxt day change thn must rewrite n throw away the be4 1 so mafun!haiz.sian.onli gt maths rc nw lvl 10 le slow rite? :x thn currently watching women in the sun(korean show)that show veri nice too i think more nicer than the Love & Law lo,but i also think both is veri nice!hehes.i nw is a freak of korean show!!!!i think. :p ok end here..

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