Sunday, May 31, 2009 @
aiyo,dunno wat to post sia,but i wan to post.oo,nw then i remember i nid to go.ok,bye.

Saturday, May 30, 2009 @
today,my mum go her friend house dunnoe do watever curtain.then she bring yan li(cousin) with her,at 12.00noon,she called n tell me to go fetch him bck,then i went to the house,then he was hiding behind the door,awhile ltr,he was laughing.then open the door,then i bring him home.nw he is sleeping.then i cn play comp if nt he will be pushing here n there,saying:我要玩!.if i nvr let him play he will shout.diao.

Friday, May 29, 2009 @
holiday coming!today last day of skool le.but holiday dun look like holiday coz some gt camp then will nt hav time.then also gt hws sia.HOLIDAY!!!lol,-.-".haha.i hav nth to post le,bye.

Thursday, May 28, 2009 @
today,first period history but we watch a show.then CE,sit there do nth,listening to teacher talking n talking about our marks.then sci,do notes.then recess,when chew yee,me n jolene wan 2 go to the hall that time,jun wei came n told us that the DnT block there gt blood then we wanted to go n see but the ppl dun let so we went to 2nd floor to see.then awhile ltr,a lot of ppl came.then see see see.then go hall,gt talk about smoking,warm there lol,junyik keep saying so hot so hot.then nat n jun yik keep fighting sia.can't stand them.then was home econ,at first want to sit with chee yee,but then coz my class gt 21 gal,19 in home econ hav 11 gal,9 boi then 1 pair will hav 1 gal n boi sit,teacher ask who want then nobody want so she say then all 1 boi 1 gal lor.then sitted with efan.-.-''.then after go home,then 3.00pm go bpp walk walk walk,then go skool ,PTC.then walk home.damn tried sia.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @
first period was music,we go watch jump in again.then was art,we change teacher liao.became ms ng le.she very nice leh,but nid to bring many things la.then was eng,ms he let us watch kungfu panda,then end le,then we watch dk wat show.then was recess.after recess,sci,mrs ho nvr free time but cn do own thing cnnot walk around.then chi.then was maths,we watch jump in.she lent from ms chia,n let us

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 @
yay!finished the E-Learning.nw posting.jus nw msn gt alot of ppl chating messy sia.someone ask this someone ask that.i think is about 12 online jus nw.i think onli nw playing rc with nat.ltr go play other thingy.

Monday, May 25, 2009 @
after skool ,went to plaza with chew yee.then i company her to segar LRT,then walk home.coz kumar was in the LRT too!so i dun want to go to jelapang LRT with him.omg!lol, i noe i was lol,no nid to tell me.ok bye for nw.

Sunday, May 24, 2009 @
today, i whole day playing bored so play comp.then came to post lor,if nt my blog will be dying!lol,i hav nth to post leh.hw?dun post anymore?ok,i will stop here.

Saturday, May 23, 2009 @
i jus hav 4 words to say for today.the words is S.I.A.N!today is so sian 1 lor.i so bored.nth to hw,no thing cn do.very sian i came to post,but also nth to"

Friday, May 22, 2009 @
Today.first period maths,do to file n ex bk thingy.then history,we at first want to watch a show,but no sound then we nvr watch then ms he say we play some game lor.then le, mrs ho nvr come again.then we watch show again then gt sound so cn watch.we watch the gongfu panda,i watched before liao, i watched so many times liao lor.sian sia.then recess,after we eat finish,we go bck class then OMG so many ppl in our class.then they were like fighting like that.then a while a gang came,then they were shouting like that.after thAt,a auntie came then tell them to stop if nt she will call a teacher but they heck care then dun noe why they stop le.the lit,mdm tan tell us our score for drama.then chi,we read newpapers.after skool ,go lot 1 with chew yee.then 1+ then go home.

Thursday, May 21, 2009 @
today,just onli go skool untill 12,30.then go bored nth to post for today"
ok i update liao hor.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @
Tag reply:
jiayi-ty for ur tagg(:
belinda-ty for ur tagg too!:)
yahui-ty for ur tagg ;DD

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @
today, went to lot 1 with first wan call yan ting go, but she say dun wan,dunoe is she dun wan or her mum dun let.then we go out super early,9.00am we go out le.then go meet at bp lrt then go plaza slack awhile then we go take 975 to lot 1.then go tak neo prints.then go eat chicken rice after that go window shopping,went down to buy sweet talk then go tak bus to south view there then go tak lrt home.i walk untill legs so pain cos go nat gan ma house walk so long sia.walk untill legs so tried.then go home at 2.00pm.hope next time yan ting cn go.:)

Monday, May 18, 2009 @
today art finish exam le.yay!the art nt so diff normal.cos lazy to draw sia.later i will be calling nat to comfirm the goin out.nw playing restaurant hard to lvl up 1 lor.i hope cn faster lvl up.jaslyn n chingying rc so pro le.jaslyn lvl 24,so pro sia.i also 1!!!!!lol.

Sunday, May 17, 2009 @
today so bored, keep playing DS.sian.then nw posting.tmr last exam le.yay!finally.can rest.feel like goin out,but no one want to go out sia.i think tue will go out with nat.i think onli la.hope so!cos so bored.

Saturday, May 16, 2009 @
1. What is your full name ?
Ans : Lim Pei Shan
2. Do you like your name ?
Ans : Okok la
3. How long do you like a person you currently like ?
Ans : Not sure
4. Have you kiss anyone before ?
Ans : No
5. Did you cry today ?
Ans : What for ?
6. What are you doing at 8am this morning ?
Ans : Eating breakfast
7. What are you doing at an hour ago ?
Ans : Playing DS
8. What are you doing rite now ?
Ans : Typing and thinking
9. Who last text you ?
Ans : Rebecca
10. Have you told someone i love you today ?
Ans : No
11. Are you missing anyone now ?
Ans : Idk
12. Any plan for tomorrow ?
Ans : Currently no
13. What is the reason you last cry ?
Ans : Fotget
14. Anyone you want to be with right now ?
Ans : Maybe
15. Have you kiss anyone that start with 's' ?
Ans : No
16. Do anyone make you smile today ?
Ans : Idk
17. Name anyone that start with 'z' ?
Ans : Zulaita
18. Which friend of you stay near you ?
Ans : Qing wen
19. Do you prefer call or text ?
Ans : Text
20. Do you prefer today or yesterday ?
Ans : Yesterday
21. Can you live a day without handphone and television ?
Ans : Hanphone,cannot, television ,can
22. Are you mad with anyone right now ?
Ans : Of course
23. Do you think relationship is worth it ?
Ans : Maybe or maybe not
24. Who is the last person you visit in the hosptial ?
Ans : Forget le
25. Who give you the last or second hug ?
Ans : Idk
26. What is the last msg in your handphone say ?
Ans : Anything,
27. Do you hate anyone ?
Ans : From?
28. Who was the last person you call ?
Ans : Belinda

I want these people to do :
-Ching ying
-Wan ling
-and these who want to do

Friday, May 15, 2009 @
today, gt maths paper 1 n D&T exam.when recess time,chew yee ,me, jolene n vanessa go n look for jin wen to gt colour pencil for chew yee, then we go canteen awhile then go bck class, they say wan to go bck study but at last is nt study but go bck play, then chew yee was so high today.walk here walk there.then after school me , chew yee n jolene go to take lrt,then saw dionne mei,so happy.lolthen jolene take the cck side then me n chew take the senja side, then in the lrt we chat chat.then i reach then say byebye.then walk home.

Thursday, May 14, 2009 @
today,gt sci exam.the pAper nt so diffcult la,is okok 1 lor.then after school go home, so early.:p
tmr gt maths paper 1 n D&T exam.must jyjyjy.ok la,so late liao,must sleep le, if nt later tmr no energy to do exam,lol.gdnite!bye!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 @
today gt eng n maths exam.eng i think easy.maths is ok-ok la nt so diffcult n nt so easy la.normal onli.then after that, me,nat n yan ting go plaze,they go buy sweet talk saw jun wei n ryan,then we go home lor.

Monday, May 11, 2009 @
today,so bored.finally met long nvr see her liao.then we chatchat then the teacher come liao, then she go for the tution.then now i bloggin here! bored!!!!!!!nvm, go bloggin.bye.

Friday, May 8, 2009 @
today,1 period is maths,sucks sia then at first 2nd period is history but ms pang took away n do the maths boring, i were nt paying attention sia, but some la.then was eng,then do then comprehension.then gib ms he mark then do corretions.then was sci,hoho merry chrismas class.then go though the assignment test.then recess.after recess, was lit,do our own thing, mdm tan nvr teach.then mt,we read the 老师的第一天.then after readign the first 1,ms tay called jun yik to act the teacher in the book, then we read the 2nd one, then ms tay called danny to act the teacher.then go home.went to the lrt w jolene.we was sending music while walking to the lrt.then go buy lunch go bck eat.bye 4 nw!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 @
yst,history n eng pp1.history anyhow do, section B part ll anyhow do 1,then onli nid to choose 2 but i go write all, then ms he then at last say onli nid to do 2 then go cancel the 1 n 2.then the eng pp1,nt so diffcult n nt so easy, is so-so,chi pp1 n 2.pp2 some anyhow do also.yay1 tmr no exams,13 may then hav,we no exam for 1 rest but nt at home is IN SCHOOL!!so sian.hope no nid study, then so gd lor.ok, i goin to do bloggin nw,bye.

Friday, May 1, 2009 @

yes!i noe wat to post le.yst,at d&t time,we do some shading then go to the d&t workshop!we go there learn to make a plastic into many shpe n partten by making it hothot then make into the shape n partten u wan,hold there for 2 mins.then will become that shape n partten,then we go bck to class,then 1.30.go wait for ms tay to gib us the hw.then go class wait wait wait,then go change to short n tee.then go wait for ckay lim.go class,rehersal.then go to group B to see them perform, then after they perform, they come down w us to see us perform.then my group perform first, then the durian group.then we go tak photo w the whole class, then go buy bubble tae,go tak lrt go home.

halo.... so bored.nth to post sia.but must update liao,if nt it will be a DIED blog!!ahh!i dun wan it to be a died blog.i wan it to be alive!so must le?huh?still cannot.:(! liao?yay!syonara by now.

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