Friday, August 28, 2009 @
Hope tmr i cn go to mamee hus . My mum hav nt gib me the ans for it . I wan go !!! Cos i gt nth to buy for Teachers' Day . Haiz . Finally powerpoint is ok le . Left the artefact mrs ho say must put title thn must cut the paper properly . So see mon hw lor . Hope cn so thn we no nid worry le . Haiz . Sian sia . Ok , Is a short post nia , Cos long nvr post le so must post at least something .

Saturday, August 22, 2009 @
today go lot to watch " Where got ghost " with simin , yahui , mamee , ryan n jifa .i 10.30 go tak lrt to lot , thn go arcade meet them . thn they all reach liao thn played a while , go buy tickets for the movie . thn go buy simin's mum n grandma present . thn go choose my present , cos simin hav nt gib me . bby , i love wat u gib me , THANKS LOT !!!!! thn go garden roof to look for the boys . thn go in to watch le , omg , so unlucky sit beside 2 ppl who is scare . thn ryan say he regreted watching . nat too ! LOL . is a bit scary la.but very funny . thn go arcade again.thn nat wait for jiajun . thn we go the blue.cos simin wan pierce , i paid for her . cos she buy my present for $10 . thn go court , the boys go first thn we follow . LOL . thn go eat in the food court . played DS with simin , we played diner dash . thn go arcade again . they play the catch sweets one . thn we go basement , cos yahui wan buy foods . thn we go hm liao.

Friday, August 21, 2009 @
today,first period MA,do group work.bored.... thn MT,more bored,do compo!i hate it!nvm.thn Sci,do nth cos at yesterday alr finished the power point draft.thn took jifa liquid(duno hw to spell la)thn he go tak my water bottle,lol.after recess thn i return him,he thn return my water bottle.hahas.>_< thn GEO,test,is easy.but a bit i nt sure the ans.thn watch some video.Ms Chang is the best!!! :x after skool,go zhenghua sec there(around there)do something ,thn simin,yahui,yanting n nat came my hus jus nw.we played uno.simin win first,thn nat thn noone.cos nat wan go le.thn go bath thn eat.nw on com played.bye!

Thursday, August 20, 2009 @
after skool,go playground play while waiting for the 2 BB boys thn we go plaza,go mosburger,eat and chat there.thn simin,jiayi n alina said they wan go toilet thn i say i wan go too1thn simin say ltr yahui lonely,so i said ok i stay thn junyik tell ryan that he is goin to toilet,thn i saw rayn is goin out le so i ran to outside n saw simin they all so join them,thn i heard the boys taking so went out n waited outside thn i keep goin in n out,to check if they r done,thn ryan told me that yahui n junwei is ....... thn i say LOL,thn i ask him he gt go in mah?thn he say gt,fake 1 lor.thn we go in after they r done.thn we go watch the 'free' show a while de,thn go buy ice-cream,yum.thn junwei gone le.thn we go jiayi hus,she angry,opps....,sry!thn 6+go a fun day!
nth to post for today cos is a very normal day!hehe (:

Sunday, August 16, 2009 @
Love BOF songs!!!!! damn nice.(:i gt nth to say/post. i came jus to keep blog ALIVE!hehe.bye by

Friday, August 14, 2009 @
I put music liao!lol,bored..... nth to nth to post.haiz... y so bored?!i wan more gans!hope exams hurry over ley!i hate exam time,no freedom at exam times!gt nth to post le bye.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 @
today i jus wan to talk about after skool,first we go plaza cos simin they all wait for us there thn simin go buy thing thn we go bck econ.cooked fried rice.nice!but the egg nt cook.thn after that go plaza find them,go buy bubble tea w alina.thn go up.we go up n down.thn go garden like siao.thn jiayi go tak jifa bag thn she taking photo so she call me help her hold so jifa go n tak my bag also.wth.thn run here run there.cos i dun wan to ruturn him.thn i saw jiayi sit down le so i pass bck to her.thn jifa thn ruturn my bag.thn go tak bck his bag thn we go hm le.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 @
around 4+ went to fishing,go w xinyue,xinyi,yanli n family.thn we go eat ice-cream thn go fish.take some pics.thn we fish untill a carb thn they say cannt keep so we put it bck.thn ate creakers.nice! 8+ thn we go hm.cannt put the pic!so angry!
first period,ART,sian sia.cut cut cut.thn MT,teacher nvr come,still gt assignment,nvm,but the prob is very hard,so anyhw do. :xthn sci,do searching.thn reces,blahblahblah.thn EL,do summary.thn CT,do sci,lol.thn after skool went to plaza eat,nvr eat just drink water w yahui.thn go bck skool.late!nvm,nag awhile.thn do corretions.thn go hm.

Saturday, August 8, 2009 @
hi, long time bo post,nt so long la.karma goin to grow to 40 le.upupup.hehe.i gt more links le.i write this kind of things becoz i hav nth to bored.ok i end here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009 @
today,first period,ART,teacher nvr come.thn played.thn CHI,do wat ar?i forgt :x thn SCI,do power-point slides.thn RECESS,blahblah.thn EL,group work.thn CT,do hw,do a bit of stars thn talk w yt.thn after skool,went to playground played .thn go plaza,slack.wif simin,jiayi,yahui,joan,alina,chewyee,ryan.c,junyik n jifa.thn 3.30,joan n chewyee go cca,while alina go hm.thn left simin,jiayi,yahui,ryan.c,junyik n jifa.thn we go garden plaza played.we played like siao.thn ryan.c n jifa veri cute sia.they keep saying water, i lend ryan.c $1.20,jifa $1,thn tmr i will gt gt bck $3,u noe y?ok,is i lend ryan.c 1.20 rite thn tmr he nid gib me bck 2.hehe.thn 4pm, home sweet nw posting.

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